Hyytiälä Forest



DATE: Wednesday 12 June, 2024
TIME: 7:45 (Departure) | 19:00 (Arrival)
Bus leaves from the City center not far from Helsinki University’s main building.

There will be bus transportation to the location and back to Helsinki. The trip takes approximately 3 hours without breaks. Please do not be late for the transportation.

The excursion includes a lunch and a coffee break. Please let us know of any dietary requirements in advance.

Wear comfortable shoes and take a jacket or a long-sleeved T-shirt with you, in case you want to take a walk and see the artwork in the forest.

Price: $50 (includes lunch, coffee break, and transportation) Only 25 spots available.

You must purchase an SRI/SSD2024 In-person ticket to register for the excursion.

About the Hyytiälä Forest Research Station Excursion

This excursion is perfect for those interested in seeing a bit of Finland outside of the metropolitan region, forest enthusiasts, and those who love to measure everything around us. 

The Hyytiälä Forest Station is a good example of the strategy of the University of Helsinki in terms of multidisciplinarity, internationality, innovation, and sustainable development. Hyytiälä has acted as a lively Field Station for over one hundred years, first, it served as a base for forestry students and researchers and later became a playground for atmospheric scientists as well.

This tour will be guided by scientists who will tell a story of how Hyytiälä Forest Station and its measurements became one of the cornerstones of Climate research in Finland and the world.  

Research Station with modern architecture and art inspired by surrounding forests at Hyytiälä

Hyytiälä hosts a multidisciplinary forest research station used in climate change and sustainability research in multiple ways.  Some 50 to 100 researchers work at the station, publishing roughly 50 refereed articles every year. Station hosts field courses for students and researchers all over the world, student activities, and holiday retreats for the university´s staff. In June 2023,  a permanent, multidisciplinary art exhibition called Periferia / Forest Art Lab was opened at the forest station. The works in the exhibition are related to cutting-edge scientific research at the station or to the nature surrounding the more than 100-year-old forest station. https://climatewhirl.fi/en 

The station’s main building was recently renewed and is nowadays an example of a modern wood building in Finland. The goal was to create a building complex that is as long-lasting as possible and fulfills the goals of sustainable development in a variety of ways. The main building also works as a living lab that monitors the structural health of wooden construction products in real-time with an automated sensor network. This data, together with real-time local climate data, is used to study links between building materials, their performance and environment. https://www.helsinki.fi/en/research-stations/hyytiala-forest-field-station/research/living-lab

World Leading Atmospheric Science Research

At the SMEAR (Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations) II station in Hyytiälä, research on the flow of matter and energy between the forest ecosystem and the atmosphere, as well as underlying factors, has been ongoing for nearly 30 years. The measurements provide information on, among other things, the forest carbon balance and the reasons for its variation. Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations (1995-) includes a 128 m measurement mast and measurement towers within and above the tree canopy. The station continuously monitors forest ecophysiology and productivity, soil and water balance, meteorology, solar and terrestrial radiation, fluxes, ambient concentrations, atmospheric aerosols, and deposition. Similar processes are being monitored also in a nearby lake and peatland area. 

More information about the research:  https://www.helsinki.fi/en/research-stations/hyytiala-forest-field-station/research/station-for-measuring-ecosystem-atmospere-relations-smear 

Research and Teaching in Forest Sciences

There are almost 40 square kilometers of state-owned land (peatlands, forests, and small lakes) close to Hyytiälä, which the station utilizes for research purposes under a collaboration agreement concluded with the state-owned environmental service provider. Significant nature reserves are also located nearby. The long-term network of test plots for teaching and research and other resources provide background information, among other things, on tree growth, management measures, forest types, tree species, and experimental measures.

For more information please contact sri@futureearth.org.