Find your groove at SRI2021 with Accomplice Collective!

Tune in from anywhere in the world for three unmissable performances by Brisbane’s Accomplice Collective!

The world’s path to sustainability is paved with myriad disciplines, each playing an essential role in our journey towards achieving the global goals. However, none is more universally loved, shared and celebrated as music!

As the world’s first truly transdisciplinary meeting for sustainability, the Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress (SRI2021) will be a space not only for fierce academic and policy debate but also  to engage other deeply important, yet overlooked, aspects of the fight for sustainability – the arts.

When business-as-usual in sustainability science is not enough to spark the significant social and cultural changes needed to protect our planet and its people, then it’s time to shake up the system. Sustainability science needs to engage, connect and collaborate with the socio-cultural changemakers, artists, activities and musicians.

Accomplice Collective, comprised of over 50 musicians, are a union of seasoned professional musicians and up-and-coming talent from Brisbane’s Jazz Music Institute and Conservatorium. Performing across three days at SRI2021, Accomplice Collective will share their genre-defying chilled tunes with our virtual and on-site audiences via our virtual platform.

“We are hoping our performance can show off the remarkable talent here in Brisbane, which we are so blessed to have. Our collaboration between so many players is truly an example of the beautiful community that is built around music,” said drummer, Nick Downing.

Accomplice Collective’s objective is to foster the next generation of music in Brisbane by connecting the professionals with students in a setting where they can flex their skills, learn from each other and have fun.

Their shows are a rotating revue of guest performers freestyling over a band that improvises its way through Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin, Blues and Afrobeat.

“Accomplice has often performed at protest events and rallies for issues such as climate action and refugee rights, and we think it is a great platform to bring support to these causes. Music also seems to give people hope and joy while thinking about issues which can seem bleak or troubling,” added Downing.

SRI2021 is just around the corner! Book your ticket now to join us and Accomplice Collective from June 12-15.



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