Global congress opens with call for inclusive, evidence-based action to accelerate a sustainability transformation

The Sustainability Research + Innovation Congress, now in its fourth edition, offers 1500+ global changemakers the opportunity to collaborate across borders and sectors for an accelerated and equitable global sustainability transformation.

HELSINKI, 10 June 2024 – Today marked the commencement of the world’s leading gathering for the global sustainability community, the Sustainability Research + Innovation Congress 2024, this year held in collaboration with Finland’s Sustainability Science Days, (SRI/SSD2024). Uniting sustainability leaders in over 100 countries, the Congress aims to inspire meaningful conversation, action, and innovation in support of a shared sustainable future. 

SRI/SSD2024 is being held both online and in person at Aalto University in Espoo and the University of Helsinki in Finland. The meeting opened with a resounding call from the Minister of Climate and the Environment of Finland, Kai Mykkänen, to harness the power of technology, innovation, and collaboration to address today’s triple planetary crisis, and accelerate the green transition.

The event serves as an inclusive platform for sustainability researchers and practitioners, civil society, investors, and governments to strategically align priorities, establish new networks for sharing ideas, and recognize diverse voices leading today’s sustainability conversations. 

The program includes 100+ events, ranging from interactive sessions and workshops to innovative demonstrations and satellite events spread throughout the city. Daily events will cover a wide range of transdisciplinary topics, including food security, transitions to renewables, community-based peacebuilding tactics, and more. 

On the collaboration with SSD, the SRI conveners Erica Key, Future Earth US Global Hub Director, Nicole Arbour, Belmont Forum Executive Director, and Veera Mitzner, SRI Director said: “Collaboration across different knowledge systems helps us advance solutions needed to address the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. The SRI/SSD2024 collaboration with Aalto University and the University of Helsinki puts informed action at the forefront. By bringing together experts and leaders from around the globe, the Congress aims to catalyze the implementation of innovative solutions and drive transformative change.”

Sustainability issues know no borders, so it is important to take a global approach to them. We are excited to welcome participants from across the world to share ideas and find solutions,” says Anne Portaankorva, Vice Rector for Research and Sustainability at the University of Helsinki. 

“Sustainability problems are complex and multidisciplinary by nature, and to solve them, we must bring our best leaders together in one room. This means not only researchers but also other societal stakeholders,” says Aalto University’s Vice President for Innovation and Impact, Janne Laine.

SRI/SSD2024 already got a head start with a 3-day Africa Satellite Event in Durban, South Africa from 21-24 May.

About the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress: 

The Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress (SRI) unites global leaders in research, government, civil society, and business to meaningfully advance progress toward sustainability. The Congress aims to foster collaboration and innovation in addressing sustainability challenges through a variety of engaging formats, including presentations, workshops, trainings, and networking events. SRI is co-convened by Future Earth and the Belmont Forum with local co-organizers. The global gathering has been held in Oceania, Africa, Latin America, and now in Europe. Next year, the Congress will head to the United States for the first time where it will be held in Chicago.

About Sustainability Science Days:
Sustainability Science Days (SSD) brings together the academic community, international top speakers, societal changemakers, and the public to create knowledge, actions, and solutions for a sustainable future. Arranged annually in collaboration by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, SSD is the biggest sustainability science conference in Finland.

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