Future Earth is a global network of scientists, researchers, and innovators collaborating for a more sustainable planet. Our mission is to advance research in support of transformations to global sustainability. Our vision is of a sustainable and equitable world for all, where societal decisions are informed by openly-accessible and shared knowledge. 

Future Earth exists to support collaboration between researchers and stakeholders from all different regions, backgrounds, and sectors who are working to generate actionable, solutions-oriented knowledge to help transform toward societies that provide good and fair lives for all within a stable and resilient Earth system.

Future Earth’s global community is composed of diverse Global Research Networks, Regional Partners, and National and Local Networks spread across regions, continents, and time zones, coordinated by Secretariat-led Hubs.

Established in 2009, the Belmont Forum is a partnership of funding organizations, international science councils, and regional consortia committed to the advancement of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science. Forum operations are guided by the Belmont Challenge, a vision document that encourages International transdisciplinary research providing knowledge for understanding, mitigating and adapting to global environmental change.

Forum members and partner organizations work collaboratively to meet this Challenge by issuing international calls for proposals, committing to best practices for open data access, and providing transdisciplinary training.

Additional details can be found on the Belmont Forum website.



Since 1640 the University of Helsinki serves as an innovative centre of science and thinking. Today, our multidisciplinary academic community solves problems that affect us all – with the power of knowledge, for the world. A community of 40,000 students and employees creates solutions that will shape the future of our planet and all of humanity. The University of Helsinki strategic plan currently emphasises four research themes: wellbeing for humans and our environment, a humane and fair world, a sustainable future for our planet, and the possibilities that limitless curiosity opens up – a universe of ideas and opportunities.

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Aalto University is a multidisciplinary community of bold thinkers, where science and art meet technology and business with the purpose to shape a sustainable future. Aalto does high-quality research, excelling and making breakthroughs in and across science, art, technology, and business. Aalto University sparks the game changers of tomorrow, and renews society with research-based knowledge, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset. All the work done across Aalto University’s six schools is guided by the values of the university: responsibility, courage, and collaboration.

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The SRI Director

  • Veera Mitzner, Associate Director, Future Earth US Global Hub

Operations Team

  • Kyoko Shiota MacAulay, Network Manager, Future Earth

  • Stephan Useche, Event Tech Manager, Future Earth

  • Laurel Milliken, Director of Operations, Future Earth

  • Hilario Espinosa, The Belmont Forum

  • Katri Maria Dewald, Project Coordinator, University of Helsinki

Communications Team

  • Bridget Blake, Global Communications Lead, Future Earth

  • Stephan Useche, Event Tech  Manager, Future Earth

  • Rebecca Barnes, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, The Belmont Forum

  • Kati Toivanen, Communications Manager, University of Helsinki

  • Katja Rönkkö, Senior Communication Specialist, Aalto University