Improving Sustainability Through Behavioural Science

Friday 1 July 2022 – 11:00 – 13:00   AEST

Sam Moore – Senior Behavioural Scientist, Evidn

Human behaviour is at the core of many challenges that society is currently grappling with. To create meaningful change, we need more than just money and technology, we need people to do things differently. This presentation will describe how behavioural science is being applied to address complex challenges across the globe – including those in agriculture and sustainability. It will use a case study approach and will draw on Evidn’s track record in the design, delivery, and evaluation of industry-wide behaviour change programs.

Sam is a Senior Behavioural Scientist at Evidn and leads the company’s Australian agri-environmental portfolio. Sam has worked extensively in agricultural communities to achieve environmental and sustainability outcomes – most notably through the management of Project Cane Changer, one of Australia’s largest agri-environmental behaviour change projects. Sam is experienced in the design and delivery of community-wide behaviour change projects and regularly informs the evidence base and publishes work in academic journals.