Indigenous Knowledges, Just Futures – Introduction

Thursday 30 June 2022 – 09:00 – 09:15 AEST

Jim Walker and Prof Martin Nakata

Mr Jim Walker – Lecturer (Indigenous Curriculum, Faculty of Science), School of Earth and Environmental Sciences – University of Queensland

Jim Walker has been involved in advocating for the rights of Indigenous Peoples in excess of 20 years both in Australia and internationally.

He is an Aboriginal man of the Jagera, Yiman and Goreng Goreng First Nations peoples of Australia.  He has been involved in development and implementation of policies and programs in the fields of social justice, education, health, housing, economic development, Indigenous rights advocacy, Indigenous cultural protection, environment protection and science research.

Prof Martin Nakata – Deputy Vice Chancellor, Indigenous Education and Strategy, Indigenous Education & Research Centre – James Cook University
Prof Nakata is Deputy Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Education & Strategy at James Cook University. He is a leading Indigenous academic in Australia, and the first Torres Strait Islander to graduate with a PhD.

His mother is a traditional owner of islands in a remote region of Australia and his dad was born in Japan. He grew up in the islands where he did all his schooling years and has an intimate understanding of the languages and customs of the Torres Strait Islander people.

He has had an extensive academic career in the fields of Indigenous education, Indigenous Studies, and Indigenous Knowledge. His current research work includes two longitudinal studies of the academic preparation of Indigenous students for university studies, and the academic performance of Indigenous school students in Math and Science.