Join the Earth Commission for its SRI2021 session: Synthesizing Science to Underpin Science-Based Targets for Our Global Commons

By Naomi Lubick

Join the session, Synthesizing Science to Underpin Science-Based Targets for Our Global Commons, at 2:00 pm Brisbane time on Monday June 14, 2021.

Leading global sustainability scientists have joined together in the Earth Commission to synthesize the latest scientific knowledge on the biophysical and social processes that regulate the stability of the “Global Commons” — our shared land, seas, and atmosphere, as well as the ecosystems and species they host that are critical to supporting life on Earth. The Commission’s work will define the Earth system targets that must be met to ensure a stable and resilient planet.   

As a part of the broader Global Commons Alliance (GCA), the Earth Commission’s synthesis will underpin the work of the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN). By engaging with companies and cities worldwide, SBTN will develop methodologies for setting specific science-based targets to adopt sustainable operations and ultimately drive transformations to a global economy operating within environmental boundaries on a socially equitable basis. 

Other GCA pillars include EarthHQ and the Systems Change Lab, which respectively will mobilise public engagement and systems transformation towards a resilient future. The SRI2021 session will introduce the Earth Commission, SBTN and the Systems Change Lab, followed by deep dives into several key areas for synthesis by the Earth Commission. 

Prof. Stuart Bunn of Griffith University is the co-lead of Earth Commission’s Working Group 3 (WG3) on Nutrients and Pollution. He will lead a breakout discussion on safe targets for water and nutrients, and how they might vary in time and space.

And Prof. Joyeeta Gupta of the University of Amsterdam will kick off the session as a Co-Chair of the Earth Commission. As co-lead of Working Group 4 (WG4) on Transformations, she will present and lead discussion on what the Commission means by “just” in its work on a “safe and just corridor for people and planet,” and on key questions for this and other novel additions to the work of the Earth Commission. 

This session directly supports the SRI2021 themes of Knowledge-to-Action and Securing the Global Environmental Commons. Participants will be able to learn about this exciting endeavour and consider some of the questions that challenge the Earth Commission, with opportunities to contribute to the ongoing discussion and synthesis.