Koalas, drones and artificial intelligence: Join us for a live Q&A with QUT Associate Professor Grant Hamilton

The recent unprecedented bushfire season in Australia devastated koala populations across the country. Research into the surviving populations by QUT is underway to better inform conservation efforts. The team, led by Dr. Grant Hamilton, is using the latest technology to conduct post-bushfire monitoring to gather essential data on koala populations and locations over areas of land affected by the bushfires. To more accurately count koala numbers, they use a technique for locating koalas using drones and algorithms to identify the heat signatures of the animals, which can be very difficult to spot from ground level. On the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, Dr. Hamilton will join us for a live Q&A session on Facebook to discuss the impacts of bushfires on wildlife and the environment, and what innovations they’ve developed to support their recovery using drones, thermal cameras and AI. This session will link in closely with the day’s theme of “sustainable production and consumption,” highlighting the importance of living in harmony with nature and protecting forest habitats for endangered wildlife.

Tune in to the live stream from the Facebook event page on 17 June 2020 at 11:00am Brisbane time.

Dr. Hamilton will be joining us at SRI2021 in Brisbane, Australia from 12-15 June, 2021 to demonstrate the drone and AI technology behind the research. Photo: Grant Hamilton, using drones to determine koala populations after bushfires. Credit: QUT