Lights, action, transformation? Action learning for transformational step changes

Organizer: Simon Divecha
Format: Online, Evening

Looking around our world we’re confronted with multiple fractures—some things getting exponentially worse and some better all at the same time. We know restorative solutions are interlinked—widely available education for women as a drawdown solution to reverse climate change, assisting economic and social equity, is an example—yet catalysing, enabling and scaling such synergistic, beneficial transformations is hard. You and I need to change too! For example, what is the climate emergency doing for us? This workshop asks us—you and I—to engage in transformational action learning. What are we aware of, in our own meaning-making structures, that’s shifting? How am I holding the paradoxes, hope and disappointment simultaneously, as I see deteriorating global climate emergency metrics and collaborative worldwide energetic human protests and responses? In our action learning for transformational step changes workshop we’re explicitly seeking to explore at least four territories of breakthroughs—triple loop learning. Reconceptulising: our worldwide physical production systems; individual behaviours; our own meaning-making ‘self-complexity’; and, the world’s cultural programming (currently memes and archetypes that are typically modern-day, privileging individualistically competitive thinking). This workshop is a co-learning experience complementing others at SRI (e.g. narratives). We are engaging with a diverse group of participants to explore our own transformational changes. You and I have all encountered many of these, so far, in our lifetimes. Our Integral action loop model, that implicitly informs this workshop, allows us to explore ourselves, our cultures and how this is inextricably enmeshed in physical climate, equity and justice solutions. The intended output is individual and shared collaborative action insights that we (participants and facilitators) can deploy in our own transformative work. The workshop learning and structures are replicable and scalable, allowing us all to deploy this in our own contexts.

Themes: Integrated Action for the SDGs