Ocean Knowledge-Action Network: Overview, Activities, and Engagement for Sustainability and Research Innovation

Organizer: Anna Zivian
Format: Online, Evening

This session will present an overview of the Ocean Knowledge-Action Network (Ocean KAN)’s mission, goals, and activities to date, and then a deeper dive into three different examples of how the Ocean KAN can draw on networks and partnerships to advance ocean science, knowledge, learning, and innovation for sustainable development. A key focus will be on bringing knowledge and ideas to action. The Ocean KAN is currently working to enter its final phase as a fully established Knowledge-Action Network, and should be operational when SRI2020 begins. This session will create actionable recommendations for the Ocean KAN to implement moving forward. It will begin with an overview of the work of the Ocean KAN, then will feature four brief presentations: (1) a discussion of learning networks, which have the goals of streamlining cross-network knowledge-exchange, understanding institutional dynamics impeding policy integration, fostering more symmetrically responsive governance; and principle-based policy-building and proactive civil society participation at multiple scales; (2) a focus on the role of Early Career Researchers and Professionals in the Ocean KAN’s activities, and (3), a discussion of how the Ocean KAN has and will engage with the UN Decade of Ocean Science (Decade) for Sustainable Development. The mission of the Ocean KAN, a “network of networks” comprised of ocean professionals from a range backgrounds, is to bridge disciplines and draw experts together to seek action-focused solutions. This session will provide input and help build connections with other ocean actors to inform the Decade’s start in 2021. Anticipated outputs include written recommendations for the Ocean KAN to deliver to the Decade organizers, as well as input into the Ocean KAN’s ongoing engagement over the Decade’s 2021-2030 timeframe.

Themes: Integrated Action for the SDGs, Knowledge-to-Action