Open Access Session: Empowering Resilient Communities: Interactive Strategies for Asia and Arctic Futures with Academia Sinica

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The “Empowering Resilient Communities” interactive roundtable is a pivotal platform poised to spotlight actionable solutions and knowledge at the intersection of community-driven initiatives and sustainable development in vulnerable regions like the Arctic. Amidst shifting environmental, economic, and cultural landscapes, this session serves as a beacon for knowledge exchange, emphasizing practical strategies and replicable models essential for resilient community-building.

By showcasing diverse approaches through engaging conversations and succinct presentations, this roundtable addresses the pressing need for accessible, actionable solutions. It explicitly links knowledge with real-world impacts, ensuring the session’s relevance and fostering a network of stakeholders committed to effecting tangible change. With a focus on hybrid audience engagement, this session aligns with the conference’s ethos of translating diverse knowledge into actionable steps, empowering communities worldwide to navigate complex challenges effectively.

When: 13 June 11:00 – 12:30

Where (if you are attending onsite): University of Helsinki | Päärakennus | Fabianinkatu 33 | Tekla Hultin (F3003)