Open Access Session: Horizon Scanning and Foresight to Support Planetary Health with UNEP/ISC

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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) together with the International Science Council (ISC) is putting in place an institutionalized approach to strategic foresight and horizon scanning with a view to developing an anticipatory and future-oriented culture, and to help navigate current and future uncertainty to strengthen the delivery of its work. This session will bring together a diverse range of speakers to reflect on the: 1. Evolution and history of the field of foresight; 2. Opportunities to improve our capacity to map and integrate complexity and uncertainty in scenarios; 3. The imperative and challenges of integrating non-Western perspectives on the future; and 4. New frontiers for the enhancement of the actions and impact of foresight on decision-making, with an emphasis on collective action problems and green transitions.

The two main expected outcomes of the session include an update on UNEP’s approach to Strategic Foresight and reflections on lessons learned from a series of regional consultations; 2. soliciting inputs and feedback on the challenges of integrating diverse voices and non-traditional knowledge systems in foresight and future thinking.

When: 11 June 15:45 – 17:15

Where (if you are attending onsite): Aalto University | Undergraduate Centre | Otakaari 1 | Y313