Open Access Session: Transforming Society – How Strategic Research Impacts Thinking and Practices with Finnish Research Council

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The Strategic Research Council (SRC), an independent body within the Research Council of Finland, is dedicated to fostering excellent, responsible, and impactful research. The SRC emphasizes active collaboration between knowledge generators and users to ensure that society can make the best possible use of the results of the research. An independent evaluation of the strategic research funding instrument (TIETOVA), completed in 2022 and covering all SRC programs launched by 2020, confirmed that SRC research programs have improved the readiness of Finnish society to tackle complex problems and succeeded in establishing various practices for the co-creation of knowledge.

This 90-minute open access session delves into a diverse array of knowledge-based solutions and research results derived from SRC-funded research programs, driving sustainable transitions. The session showcases also instances of dialogical and transdisciplinary approaches and practices employed within programs and consortia, particularly at the science-policy interfaces. As a highlight to mark the commencement of SRC’s 10th anniversary year, the session concludes with a celebratory cocktail event. Join us as we explore groundbreaking research and innovative approaches shaping the future. 

When: 13 June 15:00 – 16:30

Where (if you are attending onsite): University of Helsinki | Päärakennus | Fabianinkatu 33 | Tekla Hultin (F3003)


15:00 Opening: 10 years of strategic research – what have we learned about making the change in society?

Anu Kaukovirta
, Chair of the Strategic Research Council 

15:15 Examples of knowledge-based solutions (presenting 6 examples from the programmes funded by SRC)

  • Facilitating systemic sustainability transitions through stakeholder interaction on the science-practice boundary
    Minna Halme
    , Professor of Sustainability Management at Aalto University School of Business (FINIX project in the IMPRES programme) and Pami Aalto, Jean Monnet Professor at Tampere University (2IMATCH project in the Just Energy programme)
  • Just transition for whom? Controversies, conflicts and pathways to acceptable solutions
    Lasse Peltonen
    , Professor of Environmental Governance at University of Eastern Finland (CORE project in the CITIZEN programme) and Suvi Huttunen, Leading Researcher at Finnish Environment Institute (JUST-FOOD project in the FOOD programme)
  • Sustainability of AI behind the curtain
    Sanna Vellava, Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Helsinki (REPAIR project in the SHIELD programme) and Nina Wessberg, Principal Scientist at VTT (ETAIROS project in the STEER programme)

Session host: Päivi Tikka, Director, Division of Strategic Research

16:00 Examples of transdisciplinary and dialogical practices in strategic research 

  • “Knowledge Partnership” model as an example of interdisciplinary and policy collaboration
    Jarmo Viteli
    , Research Director at Tampere University (LITERACY programme director) and Päivi Tikka, Director, Division of Strategic Research
  • Interactions of science and the arts in adapting to a sustainable future
    Tuulikki Laes
    , Academy Research Fellow, University of the Arts Helsinki, and Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki, Group Lead, Senior Research Scientist at Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (former CITIZEN and ADAPT programme director