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*Registration will open soon! A limited number of scholarships for participants in SRI2023 will be available. We will prioritize speakers from low and middle income countries with accepted sessions in the SRI2023 program.

Scholarship application will open together with registration in December 2022.

Stay tuned for more details.

Why attend?

SRI2023 will offer opportunities to:

  • Showcase your work to a truly global audience
  • Create new networks and collaborations
  • Learn from and connect with the leading experts in the field
  • Engage in transformative global conversations with a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Connect with the world’s largest science funders
  • Gain new transdisciplinary skills 
  • Translate your research into action
  • Publish your work in regional media

SRI2023 will feature:

  • Nearly 200 transdisciplinary sessions and events emphasizing interactivity and engagement – all in both English and Spanish
  • Several workshops and training opportunities
  • Innovation demonstrations and competitions
  • Inclusive spaces for networking 
  • Two international Satellite Events
  • Curated cultural activities and opportunities to discover Panama