SRI Inkundla #3: Cascading Climate Impacts across Geographical Boundaries – Social Simulation

SRI2022 Theme: Nexus Issues

Date21 April 2022 – 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm South Africa Standard Time (SAST)

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SRI has partnered with the Centre for Systems Solutions to present an interactive social simulation with a focus on cascading climate impacts. We will explore the effects of these climate impacts on food production, supply chains, and ultimately the consequences on climate mitigation, biodiversity, and health. Compared to written or oral forms of communication, social simulations combine challenge, immersion, emotions, and learning-by-doing in a safe environment. Throughout the experiment, participants will be able to explore the real-world stories and research that inspired the simulated events. The simulation and associated storylines are relevant and interesting for a broad audience, from policy makers, business leaders, researchers, to students. 

Cascading Climate Impacts is available as an interactive and immersive group simulation session, with follow-up discussion. The Cascading Climate Impacts Policy Simulation was created as part of the “CASCADES – Cascading climate risks: Towards adaptive and resilient European Societies” project, which was funded through the EU Horizon 2020 programme.

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Dr. Piotr Magnuszewski

Dr. Piotr Magnuszewski

Centre for Systems Solutions / International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Piotr Magnuszewski is a co-founder and Scientific Director of the Centre for Systems Solutions, as well as a Research Scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. He has been working for decades as a systems modeler, game designer, professional trainer, facilitator, and researcher to provide tools for people in all sectors to make better policies and decisions for society and the environment. He designed and applied many social simulations and role-playing games addressing the issues of resilience and sustainability such as climate change, energy transition, disaster risk management, migration, conflict resolution, and management of natural resources. Piotr has been working with a diverse group of scientists, businesses, NGOs, and international organizations around the world, including OECD, GEF, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Commission, WWF, IUCN, and many river basin organizations.

Ms. Michalina Kułakowska

Ms. Michalina Kułakowska

Centre for Systems Solutions

Michalina Kulakowska is a Senior Game Designer, Project Coordinator, and Facilitator of the Centre for Systems Solutions. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Games4Sustainability, a portal created around the idea of promoting games, role-play, and simulations as a means to teach about sustainability, increase community engagement and promote sustainable solutions. She co-designed many social simulations and policy exercises on energy transition, disaster risk management, sustainability, and climate change. Since 2015, she has been running online webinars with simulation games for academia, business, and NGOs.