Following its objective to advance sustainability transformation, SRI is committed to reducing its environmental impacts in all aspects of event organization – thus walking the talk. The extent we can do it depends on multiple factors, such as our local venue and services available, as well as the cultural context. Through our conversations with the venues, hotels and other local suppliers and contractors, we keep advocating for a change in the event industry. What is feasible each year and in each country may not match our ambition level, but the team is doing everything it can to create as sustainable a convening as possible.

For 2024, SRI is collaborating with Finland’s Sustainability Science Days (SSD). SSD is a joint collaborative effort between Finland’s two largest universities, the University of Helsinki, and Aalto University. SRI and SSD take pride in hosting the Congress in both universities where sustainability is a core tenet.

 More information about the universities’ sustainability strategies can be found below: