Resources for Speakers and Session Organizers

This page contains useful information for SRI2022 session organizers and speakers – if you have questions that are not answered here, please email them to

Program Schedule


  • All speakers must register for the SRI2022 Congress. 
  • Onsite tickets are sold out, but online tickets are still available.
  • No refund for cancellation of onsite or online registration will be issued after April 30, 2022. 
  • Registration is non-transferable.

The SRI2022 Congress Platform

  • Sessions on the SRI2022 Congress Platform will be “hosted” by an SRI staff member using the Zoom video conferencing application.
  • Our Zoom platform supports break-out rooms and polls. Please notify your SRI session host if you would like to utilize these functions during your session.
  • All speakers will receive an email from the SRI2022 Congress Platform ahead of the Congress, encouraging them to log in and update their profiles.

Pre-Congress Training

  • Training for online, hybrid speakers, and session organizers will be provided on the following dates/times:
    • 3:00- 4:30 pm, June 13, 2022 (SAST): Click here to join this session. 
    • 4:00- 5:30 am, June 13, 2022 (SAST): Click here to join this session.

Promoting your Session

Useful Information for Online Participants

Question: How do I access the session that I’m speaking at?

You can view the session(s) you’re assigned by going to the menu at the top and select Program > My Schedule. An SRI Session Host has also been assigned to your session, they will monitor and manage the Zoom controls during the session.

Question: How do I join my online session?

  • Please join your live session 20 minutes before the scheduled start time by visiting the session page (Click on the specific session from your Schedule page.).
  • 20 minutes before the session start time, the countdown timer will turn into a “Join Meeting” button for speakers. An SRI Session Host will also be joining your session to get everyone set up. They will monitor and manage the Zoom controls during the session.JoinMeeting.png
  • 1 minute before the session start time, all attendees will automatically join the session in Zoom

Question: Do I need to have Zoom installed to participate as the speaker/presenter of a virtual session?

Yes, you will need to download Zoom onto your machine if you do not already have it installed. You can use your existing free account or create a log in. You do not need to purchase a professional license, as this will be provided by SRI for your session.

Question: I’m in a hybrid session and am presenting onsite, what do I do?

Please go to the room assigned to your session 20 minutes before start time and an SRI staff member will be there to assist you.

Question: I’m in a hybrid session but I’m joining online, what do I do?

You can refer to the instructions in Question “How do I join my online session?” above.

Question: I’m in a hybrid session and have slides or graphics share, how should that be handled?

Navigate to your session and click the Manage button, there will be a Files tab for you to add your slides. Please let the SRI staff member in the meeting room know that you have slides, and they will download it and get it ready for you.


Useful Information for Onsite Participants

Logistics Packet

  • Visit SRI2022 website to find more about the Congress venue, accommodation, visa, transportation, sightseeing options, and Covid-19 safety.
  • Make sure to read our logistics packet and make a reservation by using the reservation code. A courtesy shuttle will be arranged between these accommodations and the SRI2022 Congress venue. 
  • All onsite participants will be requested to upload a valid vaccination certificate prior to attending SRI2022 through the SRI2022 Onsite Pre-checkin form. In addition, all onsite participants will be screened upon entrance to the Congress venue each day. Participants with symptoms will be directed to an antigen testing station where a PCR test will be taken.
  • As a precaution and in adherence to local regulations, wearing masks will be mandatory indoors. Multiple sanitizing stations will be available at various points throughout the Congress venue.

Onsite Pre-Checkin

Fill out the SRI2022 Onsite Pre-checkin form and let us know your attendance at the Opening Reception, Congress Dinner, your dietary restrictions, and your home country’s Covid-19 testing requirements.

Onsite Slides

If you will be presenting slides or other graphics, please navigate to your session and click the “Manage” button to add them. An SRI staff at the venue will queue them up shortly before you present.

Best Practices for Virtual Presenting and Pre-Recording 

Internet quality

  • Use hardwired internet, if possible.
  • Disconnect other devices from your Wifi to increase signal quality. 
  • Do not use a hotspot. 

Screen position and lighting

  • Check your video quality ahead of time – you can use an online mirror website such as this one. 
  • Position your computer at or slightly above eye level. 
  • Choose a well-lit room. 
  • Avoid bright lights directly behind you, which can make you look dark, and direct overhead lights. 
  • A light placed in front of you (behind your computer, or behind and slightly to the side for a short lamp) can improve lighting.


  • Ensure devices are fully charged and plugged in at the time of presenting and/or recording.


Recording and presentations

  • Present as if for a live virtual audience!
  • If you share your screen, ensure that it is free of documents and items other than the one you are seeking to share. 
  • Remember to give appropriate pauses when participants need to process visuals and slides.


  • Pre-recording of some presentations is allowed, given the possibility of poor internet reliability and/or time zone considerations.
  • Less than half of the speakers in a given session should pre-record their talk. If more speakers must pre-record, please contact 
  • In the case of pre-recording, the session organizer will have the video prepared, and will screen share the recording with other participants.
  • Session Organizers, NOT SRI Staff, are solely responsible for preparing, editing, and sharing their pre-recordings. Partial pre-recordings will not be submitted to the SRI Team. 
  • Session organizers are not required to merge all pre-recordings and may share them separately as long as fewer than half of the presentations in a given session are pre-recorded.
  • In your recording, you may share your screen and graphics or slides if desired, however, we ask that each presenter first introduce themselves with their video on full screen. 
  • In order to get the best quality recordings, please share this page with your speakers! 
  • If any of your speakers’ sessions will be pre-recorded, please notify by June 13, 2022.

Using Zoom to pre-record

  • Sign into your Zoom account and start a “New Meeting.” 
  • Check that your face is appropriately lit and positioned, and that your microphone is capturing your voice well.
  • Start Recording (to the Cloud or your device) when you are ready. 
  • Introduce yourself as you would to an audience.
  • Share your screen if you wish to share slides or other visual documentation. 
  • Stop recording when you are done. 
  • Please keep your presentation to time, as agreed upon with your other session presenters and organizers. 
  • Further instructions for cloud recording are available on the Zoom website
  • When planning your session and pre-recordings, remember to leave time for Q&A!


If you have any further questions about virtual presenting and pre-recording, please contact us at