The Changing Face of Wildfires and Effects on Human Health

Organizer: Hannah Liddy, Marie-France Loutre
Format: Online, Morning

Wildfire behavior is changing as climate extremes combine with decades of fire suppression and forest management activities to alter fuel loads. In addition, urban development and rapid suburban sprawl have complicated the wildland-urban interface, bringing people and fire together in ways that risk property, infrastructure, and health. In this session, we will bring together experts in past fire regime dynamics, fire behavior, fire modeling, atmospheric chemistry, and human health to explore how wildfires in natural and managed systems are changing in response to climate extremes. In particular, we invite those interested in 1) millennial to centennial fire regime variability and climate-related drivers, 2) fire behavior and the suitability of existing fire spread models to represent changing conditions, 3) trace-gas emissions and their atmospheric chemistry and transport, and 4) public health impacts via direct and indirect fire and emission processes to attend and participate in this Fora Session.

Themes: Integrated Action for the SDGs, Knowledge-to-Action