Trade-offs and Synergies in Ocean Conflict Transformation

Organizer: Marion Glaser
Format: Online


As social, economic, technical and ecological changes interact, Blue Economy agendas expand, ocean and coastal conflict hotspots and conflict engagement arenas and conflict-related research projects emerge. This session, initiated by researchers from two projects (Ocean Sustainability Pathways for Achieving Conflict Transformation – OCEANS PACT and Negotiating Ocean Conflicts among Rivals for Sustainable and Equitable solutions – NO CRISES) invites ocean conflict stakeholders from outside academia into a discussion panel. The academic initiators’ interests (in concepts, methods, tools and early insights across current project and case contexts) may or may not express the interests of the diversity of other ocean conflict stakeholders. We need to better communication on the knowledge and knowledge needs of those deciding on and working and living with ocean conflict situations (and under pandemic conditions). We are therefore inviting a speaker each from government, the NGO sector and a representative of ecosystem users.

Theme: Root causes of global socio-environmental crises