Trans-disciplinary Knowledge to Action Initiatives on Marginal Seas of South and East Asia

Organizer: Rhodora Azanza
Format: Online


The Marginal Seas in South and East Asia provide various ecological, economic and socio- cultural services that supports to almost 620 million people in the region (IMB). Most of its seas play a vital role in the global trade, where major ports are strategically located. However, these important areas are also the most vulnerable in terms various anthropogenic threats, and natural hazards e.g. typhoons, and tsunamis. Thus, these pressures coupled with expanding population resulted to the decline of Ocean Health Index. The proposed session on “Sustainable Marginal Seas of South and East Asia” seeks to utilize available data that could be used to capture the macro scale perspective in understanding various issues and threats of its seas. The proposed session calls for transdisciplinary and transformational studies from modelling, development of application tools, network analyses, and etc., towards sustaining the resources in the marginal seas in the South and East Asia. The objectives of the proposed session are: (1.) Provide a venue for presentation of initiatives/projects on the sustainable development of marginal seas of South and East Asia, (2.) Stimulate discussions on the current and future needs for regional and international Research & Development cooperation on the sustainable utilization of coasts and oceans.

Themes: Knowledge-To-Action