10 Myths and Realities about land systems

Organizer: Ariane de Bremond
Format: Online, Evening

This session showcases an integrated science-policy interface initiative to be launched in 2020 tentatively titled “10 Myths and Realities about land systems.” Targeted at a non-land systems science audience, the initiative contemplates a series of products and activities including a framing policy summary aimed at challenging received wisdoms (e.g., the ‘lies’ of the land), as well as a set of activities to harness the energy of the LSS community towards policy engagement and impact. The initiative is intended to provide a new lens through which to consider current challenges to sustainability and ‘wicked problems’ in targeted policy domains related to various aspects of land system transformation, delving into such topics as trade-offs in land systems between conservation, development, energy, etc. and bringing the science produced by the GLP community to bear on targeted policy fora across multiple scales and with different kinds of societal actors, including civil society organizations, multi-stakeholder platforms as well as governments and extra-national policy fora. The session has three main goals: 1) Share the “10 things about land” initiative; 2) Generate debate and discussion and collect feedback from across the sustainability community and work towards common ground on such contentious issues as ‘natural solutions’ to climate change, land degradation and restoration, agricultural intensification, the ‘land’ planetary boundary and other related topics and refine the agenda for land system science research and policy action.

Themes: Knowledge-to-Action