A dialogue forum for learning from previous experiences of the stakeholders: what are our urgent missions on disaster risk reduction and societal resilience building?

Organizer: Yue-Gau Chen
Format: Online, Evening

Disasters have long been fatal threats in human history. Along with rapid growth of economies and urbanization and climate changes, human society has recently become even more vulnerable in terms of the losses accrued from disasters. For specific disasters numerous researches have focused on learning relevant physical process and impacts. For effective mitigation of the impacts, disaster management in all stages from the preparation to prevention and to recovery is of critical importance. A variety of stakeholders must be involved in various stages of such management work; these include governmental agencies, NGO, NPO and civil society organizations, and academia. Because of the objectives, perspectives, and expectations of different stakeholder vary, sharing these with each other is a constructive way to improve the overall performance of disaster management strategies that build societal resilience. Proactive engagement and collaboration among stakeholders is a necessary imperative in the face of anticipated increased hazard related to disasters. Recent experience with the DR3 CRA of the Belmont Forum suggests that it is helpful to specifically consider stakeholders in two categories: (i) those affected by the problem, and (ii) those in a position to do something about the problem. This proposal aims to convene knowledgeable stakeholders from disaster risk reduction and management communities to address the challenge of engaging in co-creation of capabilities aimed at enhancing societal resilience to disasters. We hope future research work on disaster management can be promoted by such a stakeholder-centered forum. All participants of SRI2020 are welcomed to join us in the discussion. We plan to invite several well-experienced stakeholders from government, private and public sectors, and academic institutions. Organizing team will prepare the invitation letter specifically express our session purpose. This session plans to upload pre-recorded presentations sharing with attendees and requests 90 minutes for on-line discussion.

Themes: Sustainable Solutions from the Global South, Integrated Action for the SDGs, Knowledge-to-Action