North -South Participation Through Engaging Communities for implantation of Sustainable Development Goals Harnessing Science, Research and Innovation

Organizer: Kalpana Chaudhari, Pasquale de Toro 
Format: Online, Evening


Coastal cities and towns are more vulnerable due to climate change. The Sustainable Development Agenda envisage the safety and security of the communities, Youth, Women and other stake holders. The propose popcorn session introducing perspectives and lessons from the Global South, finding partners from the Global North, and exploring the differences to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for encouraging diversity and inclusion to advance sustainability throughout generations. The propose session will aid in identifying pathways to societal transformation, mapping actors, and evaluating synergies, trade-offs, and risks for sustainability though North-South and South–South Cooperation. Ocean and coastal conservation is required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The role of Communities from Global North-South including youth, youth organizations, Women, teachers, and educational institutions are important which forms major resources for  sustainable urbanization along coastal region, marine conservation at local, regional, and global scales for successful implementation of the sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

This popcorn session invites youth, women, community workers, researchers, marine science education and outreach professionals, teachers, and young professionals to share innovative ideas and technologies used for sustainability by engaging students’ communities and stake holders in North- South. Enlightening stories on challenges and failed efforts are equally important as we look to building lasting educational programming around cutting-edge and transdisciplinary issues such as urbanization, marine science and ocean conservation, water food- Energy nexus, Risk mitigation to implement the sustainable development agenda 2030 focusing on Sustainable Development Goals related to Urbanization, Ocean and Coastal development, Water-Food-Energy Nexus  and Global climate change.

The popcorn session will consist of 8- 10 speakers from North South representing different stake holders, gender will be invited from North -South to discuss the issues in implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) including success and failures.

Themes: Sustainable Solutions from the Global South