Advances in Earth Observation for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Monitoring

Organizer: Cornelia Krug
Format: Onsite-Online, Afternoon

The remote exploration of the earth surface advances in leaps and bounds, capturing new and improved information about land and vegetation cover as well as changes in biodiversity even in the most remote regions of the planet. Furthermore, earth observation are an important complement to in-situ observations and experiments designed to observe and understand changes in biodiversity, changes in ecosystem function and ecosystem service provision as well and drivers of this change across a range of spatial and temporal scales. Over the recent years, ESA has not only developed new technologies and methodologies to monitor biodiversity from space, it has also been providing researchers with data on climate and other earth surface changes, allowing them to better understand the drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem changes. In this session, we will showcase state-of-the-art work using satellite-derived information from ESA. Presentation will highlight how earth observation data can be used to identify the response of biodiversity and ecosystem function to environmental change, to exploring the impacts of drivers of change and their interactions and feedbacks with ecosystems. We will further use this session to discuss potential advances in earth observation to further improve biodiversity monitoring from space.

Themes: Knowledge-to-Action