Supporting the Ambition to Sustainability through Funders Perspective

Organizer: Veera Mitzner
Format: Online, Morning

In this forum, discussants, representing major foundations in the US, Australia and Asia, will explore the need for change in science philanthropy structures to match the urgency and ambition of the SDGs. Panelists will speak to questions such as: How can the funding community best work together to maximize their impact? How are the roles, modes and responsibilities of private foundations changing? The panelists in this session will also discuss the need to channel resources to strengthening the science-policy interface and supporting action oriented research geared towards strategic activity around the SDGs. Exploring the vital links between research and implementation, the session seeks pathways for the funding community to effectively support evidence-forward efforts to accelerate a global transformation to sustainability.

Themes: Integrated Action for the SDGs, Knowledge-to-Action