Stakeholder Collaboration for Sustainable Smart Cities: Maximizing the Potential of Data-Driven Innovation While Minimizing Risks to Communities

Organizer: Masaru Yarime
Format: Online


Smart cities are expected to play a crucial role in tackling sustainability challenges, such as reducing air pollution, increasing energy efficiency, mitigating traffic congestion, and maintaining resilience to accidents and natural disasters. Data-driven innovation, including the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI), has great potential to address these multifaceted, interdependent challenges. Vast amounts of different types of data are increasingly available from a variety of sources through sophisticated equipment and devices installed in buildings, automobiles, and infrastructure.

Effective collection, sharing, and use of data through cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders would be critical for facilitating innovation for smart cities. While open data access and management can contribute to promoting societal benefits, stakeholders in various sectors have different interests and motivations and would not necessarily be willing to disclose or exchange data with each other, as a balance needs to be made between open and proprietary data. There are various types of risks concerning data, such as metadata tagging, quality control, cleaning and error elimination, and interoperability between various standards, which must be addressed to support data sharing. Serious risks are involved in collecting, sharing, and using sensitive data including personal data in terms of safety, security, and privacy.

This session aims to share and discuss theoretical as well as empirical findings that examine the current situations concerning the collection, sharing, and use of data in smart cities and the effects of organizational and institutional arrangements for data governance on innovation. A key question is how we can facilitate stakeholder collaboration for maximizing the potential of innovation while minimizing risks to individuals and communities. Participants from academia, business, government, and civil society in Asia-Pacific will explore strategic and policy implications for managing risks in governing data-driven innovation involving societal concerns about data for sustainable smart cities.

Theme: Dealing with systemic risks