Bridging Local Policy and Community for Sustainable Transformations

Organizer: Amanda Shores
Format: Online

There is growing awareness within scientific and practitioner communities that if research is to have a transformational impact on society, it has to be lined up and integrated with communities’ needs at relevant scales all over the world. The local scale is a critical action point at which tailored solutions to local sustainability challenges can be implemented through policy and supported by the community. One critical lever at the community level is local government, but many researchers don’t know the entry points or approaches for collaborating with government representatives. This session will introduce engagement methods and evaluatory frameworks for strategic, effective collaboration at the local science-policy interface. Focusing on real-world experiences in low and middle-income countries, this interactive panel features experts in participatory methods from across the globe. This session will focus on transdisciplinary activity within and across communities to support informed decision-making.

Theme: Root causes of global socio-environmental crises