Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Workshop: Policy Impact and Sustainability

Organizer: Taryn Laubenstein
Format: Online, Afternoon

Our workshop is designed for early career researchers and practitioners (ECRPs) who wish to achieve policy impact related to sustainability. They will have the opportunity both to learn from and network with experts in navigating the science-policy interface, and to use their insights to inform capacity building for ECRPs in this field. The first portion will comprise a panel discussion featuring top researchers, decision-makers, and boundary organizations to discuss the different pathways to policy impact that are available to ECRPs and the experiential knowledge that has aided these experts to achieve impact. They will discuss the guiding principles of science policy, key actors in the policy landscape, and identify a variety of tools to impact policy and practice. The second portion will take an interactive format, during which the ECRPS will workshop the key skills needed to achieve impact and outline gaps in currently-available capacity building in this space. Using a combination of roundtable discussions, online polls, and facilitated discussion, the ECRPs will use their subject-matter expertise to outline the landscape of policy impact training and make recommendations for improvements in this space. Together, these activities will provide a holistic understanding of the policy process, and the ways in which ECRPs can convert knowledge to action in the sustainability sphere.

Themes: Knowledge-to-Action