Working with narratives for transformation

Organizer: Chris Riedy
Format: Online, Evening

We are surrounded by stories and narratives that guide and influence our behaviour, shape our ideas of what is possible and govern what we perceive as normal. At a time when humanity is facing unprecedented environmental and social challenges, our dominant stories and narratives are holding us back. Our dominant narrative is one of separation from nature and each other, valuing economic growth over genuine increases in human wellbeing. This narrative is no longer fit for purpose. It cannot deliver the transformation that is needed if we are to find new ways of living within planetary boundaries while ensuring that all have access to basic human rights. Simultaneously, new narratives are appearing, organically or through conscious agency, from grassroots organisations, progressive businesses and political contestation. The objective of this workshop is to build the capacity of participants to effectively work with storytelling and narrative practices to facilitate transformative action towards and beyond the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The workshop will use experiential activities to introduce participants to the transformative role that memes, stories and narratives can play in addressing the interwoven sustainability challenges represented by the SDGs. Workshop participants will learn about key narrative concepts and transformative storytelling principles, including specific techniques such as experiential digital storytelling, visioning and photovoice.

Themes: Integrated Action for the SDGs, Knowledge-to-Action