Envisioning plausible future towards ecological-cultural sustainability: A new perspective of “Fudo” theory in the age when humanity and computer can harmoniously co-exist

Organizer: Terukazu Kumazawa
Format: Online


The purpose of this session is to identify new thinking frameworks and future scenario design principles for ecological and cultural sustainability through imagining the future and understanding the signs of the future.The key concept is “Fudo(風土)” or “Fudo”-nization. Fudo is a Sino-Japanese term which is almost equivalent to the English term environment, but differs from Western Classical Ontology in the point that it emphasizes the interdependency between subject and surroundings.

How should we aim for ecological and cultural sustainability when our future society is illuminated by this concept? In this session, we hope to find the answer to this question. Nowadays, neither global environmental issues nor decision making about them can be discussed without the involvement of computation and the events in the Internet space. The society of the future is one where humans and computers co-exist. When the interaction between humans and the environment is combined with the virtual world and knowledge processing by computers, the basic concepts of “human” and “nature” may change their definition.

“Sustainability for who?” needs to be deliberated in such a context. Accordingly, it is necessary to capture the network of individual objects that support the existence of humanity and nature, and the interpenetrating relationships that explain the whole as Fudo is just that.

In this session, we will focus on the two aspects of risk and diversity. Concretely, we will report on “signs of the future” through the questionnaire survey targeting the Japanese public and the video production and interactive workshops targeting the local areas in Japan, the efforts to create dialogues about the future society, and the formation of a theory that synthesizes these efforts. These outcomes will be followed by a discussion on the establishment of principles for designing future scenarios based on the ”Fudo” theory of the future society.

Theme: Beyond the 2030 global targets