Engaging in the Challenges of Transdisciplinary Research on Sustainabilities

Organizer: Fred Saunders
Format: Online


Engaging in transdisciplinary in research is seen as increasingly central to generating knowledge
suited to addressing complex, fraught and uncertain sustainability problems facing the world. How to
work effectively and productively in transdisciplinary mode to address sustainability problems is
however new to many researchers. It involves working across disciplines and collaborating closely
with different societal actors. This engagement is often referred to as co-production where different
types of knowledge, experiences and perspectives are gathered in efforts to understand, makes sense
of and address the importance and relevance of different problem framings and their relationship to
possible sustainability pathways. In this session we reflect on transdisciplinary research design and
praxis from a diverse range of sustainability problem settings with a focus on fieldwork experiences
and marine settings.

Theme: Beyond the 2030 global targets