Funding Science for Global Sustainability

Organizer: Katsia Paulavets
Format: Online


Mobilizing global sustainable science action is imperative if we are to realize the 2030 Agenda and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To unlock the full potential of science to achieve the SDGs in the short time frame that is left requires a system change in the way science is conducted, harnessed, assessed, and funded. “Decade of Global Sustainability Science Action”, led by the International Science Council in partnership with Future Earth, Belmont Forum, the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency, US National Science Foundation, National Research Foundation of South Africa, International Development Research Centre, UK Research and Innovation, and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – seeks to catalyze collective action among science funders for accelerating the impact of science and science funding on the achievement of the SDGs. Together, science funders are in a powerful position and can achieve a longer-term impact at a scale beyond what any one actor could achieve alone.
Through the decadal initiative, science funders and the research community promote mission-driven research that harnesses solutions-oriented knowledge from across the spectrum of scientific disciplines and approaches, including fundamental research; adopts a systems-based approach; and informs policy and public action through engagement with relevant decision makers and innovators from the worlds of policy, civil society and business. This type of research will require systemic transformations of science systems, securing which is a systemic responsibility, shared by scientists themselves, the institutions in which they work, and science funders that influence and resource priority agendas.
In April 2021, the Global Forum of Funders will bring together the leadership of the national research funding agencies, international development aid agencies, private foundations and scientific institutions to explore how to support in a collaborative way missions for science that will be critical for accelerating the implementation of the SDGs in the next decade.

Theme: Root causes of global socio-environmental crises