Technological Innovations in Education to Help Achieve the SDGs

Organizer: Mathieu Denis and Veerle Vandeweerd
Format: Online


The session will be based on and carry forward the ongoing work of the COVID Education Alliance (COVIDEA). COVIDEA was established in response to the systemic problems of the current education systems, laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic. These systems have not fundamentally changed in the last 150 years and have not, as yet, fully transitioned to the digital age, nor are they equipped to respond to external shocks like a pandemic.

COVIDEA seeks to make digital tools and related resources more easily understood by and available to policy makers, educators and learners worldwide, to help transform education systems and make them fit for a rapidly changing and increasingly digital, complex and interconnected world. At the core of the COVIDEA approach is the recognition of the transformative potential of education in helping people build knowledge, character, judgment, resilience, social awareness and responsible and active citizenship. Revamped education systems supported by digital technologies have the potential to substantially contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and the climate goals, and help societies transition to more sustainable, resilient and equitable development patterns.

The purpose of this SRI session will be to present and discuss the COVIDEA approach with the goal to get feedback for improving it and solicit further partnerships for operationalizing it, as a contribution to building the future of education.

Theme: Integrated Action for the SDGs