Happening at SRI2022: Future Trends for Big Data Science in Sustainable Food Systems

The sharing of information and data on agriculture and nutrition is supported and encouraged by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, recent research indicates knowledge gaps between agriculture and food systems, and how to translate this data into insights and action. Recent challenges in the monitoring of the SDGs with evidence-based solutions increased the demand to harness Big Data and exposed the need for new, technical, policy-oriented, and innovative solutions to advance the data revolution for sustainable development.

Harnessing Big Data is one of the cross-cutting themes of African Research Universities Alliance – Sustainable Food Systems (ARUA-SFS). The following open access dialogue sessions that aim to deal with Big Data Science across the research focus areas will be taking place daily at SRI2022.

Reserve your spot to join us and leading experts for the following open access sessions:

20 June @ 11:00 AM SAST – Session 1: Introduction to Big Data Science through the lens of agriculture and food systems. Click here for more

21 June @ 11:00 AM SAST – Session 2: Unleashing the potential of Africa’s crops – smart farming with smart sensors. Click here for more

22 June @ 11:00 AM SAST – Session 3: Big data as a vehicle for addressing the challenges for improvement of the African herd. Click here for more

23 June @11:00 AM SAST – Session 4: Safe and Nutritious Food: Nutrient composition databases in the age of Big Data. Click here for more

24 June @ 11:00 AM SAST Session 5: Informing Food Policies – Bridging the gap between science and policy. Click here for more