Happening at SRI2022: Sustainability Science in Taiwan

This session will bring together policymakers and leading scientists from Academia Sinica (AS) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan, to share Taiwan’s successful experience in engaging in global sustainability science programs, in terms of both science policy and the academic community. AS is the most preeminent academic institution in Taiwan, with diverse research areas. One of the unique responsibilities of AS is providing policy suggestions directly to the President of Taiwan. In addition, MOST is the government funding agency sponsoring science and technology development. Both AS and MOST are committed to promoting sustainability science in Taiwan, and both are members of the Belmont Forum. 

At this event, Dr. Minn-Tsong Lin, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan, will present science strategy development entitled “Toward Sustainable New Age of Taiwan – On Core-Value Driven Innovation Policy”. Dr. Yue-Gau Chen and Dr. SC Candice Lung will highlight the scope and achievements of sustainability research in Taiwan, emphasizing current contributions to Future Earth and Belmont Forum, the two most important global sustainability science programs. Dr. Jian-Cheng Lee will give a brief Introduction to IRDR ICoE-Taipei and present future opportunities for collaborative transdisciplinary research and capacity-building programs, especially for the scientists from Asia and the Pacific.

How to engage:

Scientific and Strategic Experience in Leading Sustainability Science in Taiwan – Development and Opportunities for Transdisciplinary Research – 11:00 AM SAST on Wednesday 22 June, 2022. Click here to add the session to your schedule.