Knowledge exchange for sustainability focused transdisciplinary research, co-design, and implementation science

Organizer: Josh Tewksbury
Format: Online

Transdisciplinary research, co- design, and integrated, implementation science are all critical for tackling complex, often contested sustainability challenges, and yet our dominant higher education research and training models remain discipline- focused and oriented around training individual contributors, rather than cross- sector collaborators. To enable a shift toward transdisciplinary research, we need new tools, structures, core values, and curriculum to train the next generation of transdisciplinary sustainability leaders. The raw material for doing this work – the tools, structures and methodologies – are being developed and tested by a wide range of individuals and organizations around the world, but many of these efforts are fairly disconnected from each other. In this session, we bring together three of the leading thinkers and practitioners of transdisciplinary research so that they can share the tools, structures, and approaches they are developing and using. This moderated, informal conversation will explore how the work of these three thought leaders is supporting the development, testing, dissemination or scaling of curricular resources, practices, or approaches that will allow this work to grow and spread.