Scholarships now available for low- and middle-income countries to attend SRI2021

Apply now for the IRD SRI2021 Scholarships.

The Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2021 (SRI2021) is engaging participants from all parts of the world at what will be the world’s first transdisciplinary gathering in sustainability.

Recognizing that global discussions on sustainability often exclude voices from low- and middle-income countries, and acknowledging the difficulty of many scholars and practitioners in these countries to participate in international gatherings, SRI2021 is partnering with the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) to establish a mechanism for greater inclusivity and accessibility.

IRD SRI2021 Scholarships are now available for sustainability professionals from select low- and middle- income countries. For successful applicants, scholarships will cover the fees for online participation at SRI2021, and will include all Pre-Congress activities in the lead up to the event.

Confirm your eligibility by consulting the list of countries below. We welcome applications from interested participants in all career stages but encourage applications from early career professionals. Deadline for submissions May 15.



Algeria Eritrea Nepal
Angola Ethiopia Nicaragua
Bangladesh Gabon Niger
Benin Ghana Nigeria
Bolivia Guatemala Papua New Guinea
Brazil Guinea Peru
Burkina Faso Guinea-Bissau Philippines
Burundi Haiti Rwanda
Cambodia Honduras Salvador
Cameroon India Senegal
Cape Verde Indonesia South Sudan
Central African Republic Kenya Sri Lanka
Chad Lao People’s Democratic Republic Sudan
Colombia Lebanon Tanzania
Comoros Liberia Thailand
Democratic Republic of Congo Madagascar Togo
Congo Malaysia Tunisia
Côte d’Ivoire Mali Uganda
Cuba Mauritania Vanuatu
Djibouti Mauritius Venezuela
East Timor Mexico Vietnam
Ecuador Morocco Zimbabwe
Egypt Mozambique
Equatorial Guinea Myanmar