Open Access Session:  How Can We Design Effective Science-Policy Interface? Learning from the Best Practices and Experiences from Future Earth’s National Committees

Future Earth has 20 local, national, and regional networks leading sustainability science and research around the world by engaging scientists, policymakers, civil society, the private sector, and the general public in each region. Many of the National Committees (NC) have been engaging policymakers with their activities and impacting policies by communicating evidence provided by scientific research. These NCs will organize a session to showcase their best practices and lessons learned as well as to identify effective models and tools we need to accelerate our actions to impact policies.

In this session, we will address questions such as:

  • What are the key takeaways in the past years?
  • How can the science-policy interface be effectively designed and bring the desired impacts? (1) What do we mean by “interface”? – What are the approaches and strategies used to engage policymakers? – What processes/formats are used?
  • Which role can the Future Earth NCs play in the science-policy interface in the different national, regional, and international contexts?
  • What are the models for effective science-policy interface?
  • What are the necessary resources and tools we need to bring desired outcomes?

Below are the details of the projects that will be showcased during this session:

  • German NC: Science-based Policy Advice on Sustainable Development – Science Platform Sustainability 2030
  • Switzerland NC: Engage – Evidence-based Dialogue on Trade-offs in Wicked Societal Problems
  • Mongolia NC: National Science-Policy Pathways Program – Dialogues and Capacity Building Projects with National and Local Policymakers
  • Thailand NC: Road Map to Thailand Clean Air Act
  • Taipei NC: Multiple Science-policy Platforms for Mitigation and Adaptation in Taiwan
  • Korea NC: Paradigm Shift in Perspective, Practice, Institutionalization and Legislation of Climate Action
  • Australia NC: Science for Policy and Policy for Science: an Australian Perspective
  • Finland NC: Lessons and Insights on Evidence-informed Policymaking, Knowledge Brokerage, and Creating Science-policy Models

When: 10 June 15:45-17:15

Where (if you are attending onsite): Aalto University | Undergraduate Centre | Otakaari 1 | M232