Open Access Session: Interactive Panel on Co-transforming Science, Technology and Innovation Policymaking to Support Sustainability Transitions: Moving Beyond Ideas to Take Action

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Over the last 5 years the roles of STI and STI policy in supporting the advancement of significant international commitments, like just sustainability transitions or the sustainable development goals, has become a common focus among many international and regional intergovernmental organisations (IOs). Many are developing targets, guidelines and other supports to promote sustainability transitions through the reform of STI activities and policy. In this respect, there appears to be growing consensus that to improve how science, technology and innovation (STI) activities and outputs are used to respond to global challenges, like the climate crisis, they must also be mobilised in ways that are radically different from the status quo.

As a forum for global leaders in research, government, civil society and business, the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI) represents a promising platform to discuss this issue and the insights, opportunities and challenges that could make the difference between meeting 1.5C targets or missing the mark. SRI also poses an opportunity for STI policy practitioners to engage with academic, industrial and societal changemakers whose ideas and buy-in will be critical to bridging the gaps in ambition and action currently frustrating the realisation of international climate change commitments.

The panel proposes to convene representatives from a diverse collection of the IOs working to develop guidelines in this space for a progress report on what has been done so far and associated successes, good practice and learnings. This discussion will introduce recommendations, guidelines or tools recently deployed to support relevant stakeholders in guiding the development of STI activities and outputs to prepare for and respond to global systemic threats. Exchanges between panelists and with the audience might focus on unpacking:

  • Whether the scientific process and modern STI policy are well-equipped to support the realisation of just and inclusive sustainability transitions.
  • The roles that IOs, specifically, can play in promoting and informing (transformative STI and STI policy reforms to enable transitions.
  • Good practice and lessons learned through practical experience of supporting STI and STI policy in contributing to transitions.
  • The most critical challenges to mobilising STI to contribute to sustainability transitions and how IOs can help to overcome them.

When: 11 June 15:45 – 17:15

Where (if you are attending onsite): Aalto University | Undergraduate Centre | Otakaari 1 | Y307a