Solutions for sustainability of investments and capabilities to best manage natural assets

Organizer: Alison Specht
Format: Online, Evening

Investment in the sustainable management of our natural assets for the public good has a history of not being supported in a temporally sensible manner. This occurs throughout the world, from one government’s decisions through to international aid programs: great initiatives starting with a bang, finishing with a whisper, with no legacy left behind, sometimes even leaving more chaos than at the start. Even worse in some ways, it seems that there is a belief that initiatives or investments can be ‘parked’ as they cease to be ‘flavour of the month’, resulting in a boom and bust cycle of funding, losing human capital in the process. What effect does this have on the subject which was presumably deemed significant in the first place? What legacy is actually carried forward from sometimes multi-million dollar projects? How can policy instruments be developed that will support better, sustained, governmental and agency support of Sustainable Development Goals? It has been demonstrated in the superannuation industry that regular payments result in greater returns than boom-bust payments. Is this a model to follow? The session will be catalysed by four interlocutors (and two rapporteurs) from different spheres who will share their reflections and their proposals for solutions. Audience members are absolutely vital to the challenge to discuss these ideas and propositions and to pose their own. Those interested will be asked to comment in advance to questions like these below and contribute their own: what sort of solutions can we propose to: • get evidence into decision-making? • overcome the ‘lumpiness’ of infrastructure and effort? • scale from local to global while ensuring equity? • integrate the private sector? • synergise different policy approaches? • prevent loss of intellectual and social capital? It is intended that a white paper is produced from this session.

We would like to hear from you!

We have five questions, and invite you to tell us if you know about a shining example that should be shared, considered and taken up elsewhere, perhaps globally! Our panellists and our audience will use these as discussion points in the session.

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Themes: Sustainable Solutions from the Global South, Integrated Action for the SDGs, Knowledge-to-Action, Sustainability for Who?