the Way – the Water – the Walk… a river system simulator: communicating through community engagement, interactive art, and public participation

Organizer: Jude Anderson
Format: Online, Evening

theWay~theWater~theWalk The Way of science, the Water as subject, the Way of research processes… and the radical action of art making and public participating. The Pump’s Alternative Design Session includes an opening provocation, an online participatory collaboration/think tank, a very short documentary film, an easy body movement routine, and a collective proposition toward the final phase of a new work, theWay~theWater~theWalk. Through this work and our session, members of The Pump open the way for conversations combining systems science with principles of potential thinking, narrative construction, and the South African philosophy of interconnectedness – Ubuntu: ‘I am because you are’. We look to advance sustainability science through a co-design model of participation and narrative. This process was used most recently to inform the sonic architecture and affective landscape for our work-in-progress showing of a large-scale participatory installation and performance created by some members of the Pump with Punctum Inc. Called theWay~theWater~theWalk, through participatory processes it simulates consumption and production causal relationships and brings to the fore perspectives on ‘liquidity’, issues of water scarcity, and cultural and environmental sustainability. Created in response to the 2019 Royal Commission into Australia’s Murray Darling River Basin and many publications in the public realm, it reveal the complex and often conflicting water usages within the river basin. The session includes the premier of a short film documenting theWay~theWater~theWalk and input from participants during our session will inform the next development stage of this new work.

Themes: Knowledge-to-Action