SRI Inkundlas

The 2022 Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress brings together a dynamic and diverse group of professionals committed to driving global sustainability forward through transdisciplinary research and innovation. In the months preceding up to SRI2022, we’re presenting four SRI Inkundlas to help frame the Congress and pave the way for meaningful interaction in June. 

Inkundla is a South African English word originating from isiXhosa and isiZulu that refers to a gathering of the people of the village or area, held in the public courtyard at the gate of the cattle enclosure. By naming these pre-Congress events Inkundlas, SRI aims to emphasize the collaborative, inclusive and engaging nature of the Congress, while honoring the traditions and culture of the 2022 host, South Africa.

SRI Inkundlas are curated conversations, each addressing one of the four 2022 Congress themes (New horizons, Different ways of knowing, Nexus issues, and African science and innovation). These pre-events feature real-world transdisciplinary work, highlighting success stories in bringing together change-makers from multiple industries and disciplines and applying robust yet diverse knowledge to action. SRI Inkundlas will help us in bridging the gap between research and practice, interpret and use a wide scope of knowledge, and effectively build impact coalitions in order to explore new horizons of innovation and transformation.

SRI Inkundla #4: Shared Ways Forward for the World We Want

SRI Inkundla #4: Shared Ways Forward for the World We Want

SRI Inkundla #4 “Shared Ways Forward for the World We Want” will close the series of four SRI Inkundlas. Join the last free virtual event held from 5:00 – 6:00 pm (SAST) on May 25, and explore a variety of tools available now and in the near future to support shifts to sustainability.