Why Attend SRI2022?

Are you interested in engaging in a truly transdisciplinary conversation about a sustainable future? Do you want to connect with leading sustainability professionals from around the world, and learn new knowledge and skills that can move the needle in sustainability?

Most importantly, are you tired of siloed conversations, exhaustingly long powerpoint presentations and theoretical discussions that never seem to result in a tangible change?

If your answer is “yes”, then you should be attending the 2022 Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI2022).

SRI2022 is the premier global sustainability congress and the world’s foremost platform for enacting meaningful solutions to society, transformations at the intersection of research and innovation, and collaborations for change on the ground.

We recognize the magnitude of global challenges (and opportunities!) that exist in the sustainability sphere. That is why we invite everyone to the table – as we are all stakeholders. At SRI2022, We will bring together a transformative group of devoted experts working towards a global transition to a sustainable future. We are driven by the desire to make a difference.

SRI2022 builds on the success of SRI2021 which took place in Brisbane, Australia, in June 2021 and brought together over 2000 participants from more than 100 countries. Our program consisted of more than 100 sessions and events, featuring 700 speakers. 60% of participants came from academia, the other 40% from government, civil society and business. 94% of our post-Congress survey respondents told us that they would attend SRI2022.

This year, our event will take place in Pretoria, South Africa, bringing the Congress to the world’s youngest continent. 60% of Africa’s population is under 25, and as sustainability is all about the future, there is no better place for the 2022 Congress.

SRI2022 will offer opportunities to:

  • Showcase your work to a truly global audience
  • Create new transdisciplinary networks and collaborations
  • Learn from the leading experts in the field
  • Engage in transformative global conversations with a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Connect with some of the world’s largest science funders
  • Gain new transdisciplinary skills
  • Translate your research into action

The Congress will feature:

  • 100+ transdisciplinary sessions and events emphasizing interactivity and engagement
  • A series of popular pre-Congress events (open access)
  • Workshops and training sessions
  • Networking and sponsorship opportunities
  • Creative ways to approach sustainability through art