Partnering across the resource ecosystem: Virtual workshop

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As part of the lead-up to SRI2021, the Belmont Forum is hosting a multi-sectoral dialogue and collaborative working session on practical partnership processes to achieve grand, systemic challenges, such as the Sustainable Development Goals. This virtual gathering of funders from across the resource ecosystem, including but not limited to public and private sector, philanthropy and foundations, deep impact investors and charities aid funds, provides an opportunity to move beyond discussion into practice by experimenting with sustainability scenarios to identify optimized support strategies.

Facilitators will help build a common resource vocabulary with attendees and identify phases and mechanisms for collaborative co-funding to leverage resources and achieve more together than we could on our own. Lessons learned from these partnership engagements will be synthesized and shared during the Sustainability Research and Innovation (SRI) Congress at funder-focused events planned throughout the program. After the Congress, the summary will be made available to all workshop attendees as a handbook.

To help us develop roundtable assignments for the scenario exercises, we encourage participants to share documentation about your organization, portfolio, or purview – for example, annual investment reports, impact statements, and portfolio PowerPoints. While we won’t be doing any actual funding at the workshop, if you have programs you are seeking partners for co-investment, please consider sharing those at the workshop. If you agree, we will make the documents and partnership opportunities available to registered workshop participants after the event.

Session Date and Time

Two 3-hour interactive sessions will be held on Tuesday, May 18 at 13h00 UTC and Thursday, May 20 at 00h00 UTC to offer attendees from across all time zones to connect. Please click on the links to see the session times in your time zone. We will be using a government-secured Zoom platform. The same agenda will be covered at each offering.

Please submit any shareable documents or logistics questions to