Staying within Planetary Boundaries by Building Bridges across Disciplines and with Society

26 May 2021, 10:00-13:00 CEST

The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) and Future Earth are committed to using sound, relevant and timely science as the evidence base for ensuring a resilient, sustainable and equitable world – now and into the future; a world where people can thrive. We recognize the urgent need for information to support climate mitigation and adaptation that is both relevant and useable. The Belmont Forum moves adaptation and mitigation into action by synchronizing global funding support for international, transdisciplinary approaches to global environmental change, with climate science the primary thread connecting projects in its portfolio.

The Belmont Forum, Future Earth, and WCRP have co-designed this Sustainability Research & Innovation (SRI) mini-workshop as a forum to explore how we can better relate and translate climate science for societal relevance. After a framing on the urgent need for informed, collaborative, and immediate action, we will hear from three of WCRP’s new Lighthouse Activities – My Climate Risk, Safe Landing Climates, and WCRP Academy – to learn about their aims to fill science and technology gaps and build the partnerships needed to move from knowledge to action. Representatives from Future Earth and the Belmont Forum will share how these themes of risk, pathways to sustainable futures, and a more informed, climate-savvy populace connect with current community structures as well as future opportunities for cross-collaboration.

Our goal for this mini-workshop is to share insights and priorities and learn from each other, exploring how we can work together to ensure a more resilient and sustainable world. It is part of an ongoing process of bridging research communities with users of scientific information to identify priorities and joint activities. The format will include short presentations followed by a facilitated discussion.


  1. Opening Session – Welcome and introduction from Belmont Forum, Future Earth, and WCRP
  2. WCRP Our Climate Future  Helen Cleugh
  3. Presentation by Future Earth (Johan Rockström) with Q&A and reflections by Wendy Broadgate and Erica Key 
  4. Bridging Climate Science and Society
    1. WCRP Lighthouses: advancing the science, technologies, and frameworks, and partnerships needed to manage climate risk and realize opportunities – across all timescales, for human and natural systems. Showcasing three WCRP Lighthouses: i) My Climate Risk, ii) Safe Landing Climates, and iii) WCRP Academy.
    2. Q&A Session
    3. Round-table discussion about our goals; linkages between WCRP, Belmont Forum, and Future Earth; synergistic priorities; and identifying opportunities for ways to build bridges and work together.
  5. Wrap-up: Next steps and Links to SRI Conference

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